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E-Go is here to provide the best Electric Transport to Ireland and the UK, we only offer Electrical vehicles, no combustion engines, we are strictly clean energy all the way. See the definition of an electrical propelled alternative vehicles defined by rsa.ie Currently, we are teaming up with global electric vehicle manufactures to offer the best, most reliable and safest electrical propelled vehicles which include: electric scooters, electric bikes, and electric skateboards. We aim to bring the best brands across the World to the Irish market. We will be evaluating many forms of transport from various manufacturers including E-Bikes, Electric Scooters, Electric Surf Boards, Electric Skateboards, Electric Mopeds and newer forms of transport.

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We offer a Free buy and sell classified section for second hand electric vehicles such as electric bikes, electric scooters, electric surfboards, electric mopeds and other electrical vehicle products. If you are an Electric vehicle company and would like to sell NEW electric forms of transportation then please register your business here.
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If you are an electric vehicle company, manufacturer or supplier and would like to sell your products on our website please register your interest here. we would like to hear from you. Products for the Irish market must be of the highest standards, we seek only the most reliable, safest and high-quality electrical vehicles on the market.
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Electric Vehicles Ireland

E-Go Ireland provide only electric propelled vehicles, we no longer see the combustion engine as a healthy option for climate change and we join the fight to introduce leaner energy-efficient vehicles to Ireland. Globally the world is progressing more and more to renewable energy transport, while some car manufacturers are turning to fully electric vehicles due to battery technology capacity increasing 10 fold over the last few years thanks to companies like Tesla. These developments do not address being stuck in long tailbacks of traffic, a cycling bike makes our journey more nimble however this can be slow and petrol and diesel scooter alternatives whilst good are still not good for our environment.

Versatile Transport

Electric Transport is the most versatile forms of transport there is, its better for us, our environment and the cities we live in. Getting up early in the morning to be faced with a one-hour traffic journey through Dublin city centre can be quite depressing and a waste of one’s time. Cars although purposeful certainly do not suite city commuting when most people commuting to and from work are on their own, over 60% commute to and from work solo… this is wasteful, stressful and environmentally destructive.

Environment Matters.. so does fun

Electric vessels such as E-boards (Electric Skateboards, E-bikes – (Electric Bikes), Electric Scooters all work toward helping Ireland fight against global warming bringing down our Carbon footprint. By 2020 Ireland is required by the EU to reduce its carbon footprint by 20% based on 2015 measurements, we believe Electric transportation will provide successful delivery of meeting these EU standards. E-Go Ireland is offering a new range of versatile electric transportation vehicles, costing you less, providing faster commuting times to and from work. You can simply charge your own batteries at home or work which is convenient for you.

Welcome to E-Go

Electric Bike Supplier Ireland, founded 2018

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