About E-Go

Supplier of Electric Bikes & Scooters in Ireland

About E-Go

E-Go is an Electric Vehicle company started in Ireland and based in Dublin, we seek to provide the public with alternative electric forms of transport such as electric bikes and electric scooters which offer cleaner, environment friendly forms of transport in Ireland, particularly in bigger cities like Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Belfast, Galway, Sligo, and Derry. The Irish Government has been slow to decide on the regulations of Ebikes, E-Transport vehicles types such as scooters, e-boards, E-bikes and the like however recently it seems some common sense was reached to understand the good impact these new forms of transport have.

Benefits of Electric Bikes, Ebikes, Eboards, and E scooters

  • less harmful emissions in big cities, therefore, ensure Ireland can reduce its carbon footprint to meet EU standards to tackle global warming.
  • A reduction in vehicle congestion in major cities.
  • A healthy connection with outdoors and being active, although electric vehicles are seen as a deflection from pedal bikes in many cases they only offer electrical assistance. They are also more connected with the outdoors, make big cities much smaller and offer freedom to roam the cities without having to step on crowded public transport.
  • Relaxing congestion of public transport, the constant investment governments have to make to run public transport due to traffic congestion can heavily impact government budgets, E-transport vehicles alleviate this and provide a great alternative.

E-Go aim to partner with the best companies

E-Go seeks to partner with the best Ebikes, e-board suppliers globally offer hi-grade products. Reliability, safety, and performance are high on our agenda and we welcome the news that the Irish government is now legislating e-transport with common sense. Any EV we sell to anyone from the public must comply with governance and legality. Anyone using electrically propelled vehicles at a minimum must produce a driving license.